Versatile Flying Development Platform Crazyflie 2.0

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FeaturesDurable designEasy to assemble and no soldering requiredSupports expansion boards with automatic detectionSupports flying from iOS and Android with Bluetooth LE support as well as from Windows..

Durable design
Easy to assemble and no soldering required
Supports expansion boards with automatic detection
Supports flying from iOS and Android with Bluetooth LE support as well as from Windows/MacOSX/Linux with the Crazyradio or Crazyradio PA
Tested to above 1 km radio range LOS with Crazyradio PA
Wireless firmware update
On-board charging via standard uUSB
Dual-MCU architecture with dedicated radio/power management SoC for advanced applications
Using Crazyradio or Crazyradio PA tougether with a computer the user can log/graph/set variables in real-time via the radio and make full use of the expansion boards
General Specs
Mechanical specsWeight: 27g
Size (WxHxD): 92x92x29mm (motor-to-motor and including motor mount feet)
Radio specs20 dBm radio amplifier tested to > 1 km range LOS with Crazyradio PA
Bluetooth Low Energy support with iOS and Android clients available (tested on iOS 7.1+ and Android 4.4+)
Radio backwards compatible with original Crazyflie and Crazyradio
Micro-controllersSTM32F405 main application MCU (Cortex-M4, 18MHz, 192kb SRAM, 1Mb flash)
nRF51822 radio and power management MCU (Cortex-M0, 32Mhz, 1kb SRAM, 128kb flash)
uUSB connectorOn-board LiPo charger with 100mA, 500mA and 980mA modes available
Full speed USB device interface
Partial USB OTG capability (Usb OTG present but no 5V output)
IMU3 axis gyro (MPU-9250)
3 axis accelerometer (MPU-9250)
3 axis magnetometer (MPU-9250)
high precision pressure sensor (LPS25H)
Flight specificationFlight time with stock battery: 7 minutes
Chraging time with stock battery: 40 minutes
Max recommended payload weight: 15 g
Expansion connector withVCC (3.0V, max 100mA)
VCOM (unregulated VBAT or VUSB, max 1A)
VUSB (both for input and output)
I2C (400kHz)
2 x UART
4 x GPIO/CS for SPI
1-wire bus for expansion identification
2 x GPIO connected to nRF51
Package Details
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